Application Instructions

Step One (Prep Decal)

To ensure that the decal peels away from the paper backing and adheres properly to the application tape, lay the decal on a hard smooth surface, and firmly rub a credit card or your fingertips across the entire surface.

Step Two (Clean Application Area)

Clean the area where the decal(s) will be applied by using a soft fabric like a microfiber towel. This will remove any residue that will prevent the decal from sticking. If you decide to use any liquids while removing residue like rubbing alcohol make sure to dry the surface before application. 

Step Three (Remove Backing Paper)

Carefully peel the application tape and decal away from the paper backing. If the decal does not peel away from the paper backing, repeat step #1. When you peel the application tape away from the paper backing the decal will adhere to the back of the application tape. The paper backing can be thrown away.

Step Four (Application)

Hold the decal in position and stick the top or one side holding the other side up away from the surface. Slowly rub or squeegee firmly across the surface of the decal using the sharp edge of a credit card. The decals have a pressure sensitive adhesive so the harder you rub, the harder it sticks. 

Step Five (Remove Application Tape)

Remove the application tape by pulling gently in a downward motion. If a part of the decal starts to come up away from the surface, rub it back down onto the surface while the tape is still intact and press firmly, then proceed to remove the tape.

Note: The decals will not adhere to a surface that has been waxed. Remove all wax and residue with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol before application. After the decals have been applied, the surface can be waxed over. The wax will not damage the decal but will prevent it from sticking.